​Empowering the ​Sensitive,
​Redefining ​Modern ​Manhood

​Hi there, my name is David!

For a long time I struggled with being a sensitive man in a
world that doesn't seem to appreciate this quality.

​By now I understand the importance and value of my
sensitivity and I wish to support other men in finding peace​
and joy with who they are.
Your gifts are much needed in today's world!

​This is a place for men like you to remember who you are and
to connect with like-minded souls.
A place to be raw, vulnerable and real.
A place to share truth, to aspire greatness and to find your place in the world.

I've found becoming more grounded and centered in my body to be highly beneficial.
It helps me feel more relaxed, peaceful and trusting.
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​​I am struck by the depth ​​David is living from. His genuine interest in how living and loving works, put simply, seems to stem from a well of shared wisdom​. I have a feeling David is up to something good, for us all.

​Buster Radvik

co-founder of Embodied Intimacy


​​This is the most honest and beautiful blog I have seen. What you describe is what I feel and see and hear within. It is so completely human and in that way humble how you put your experience out there.​

​Lie Hoogenberk
​coach & spiritual teacher