​You know your daily life could be way more exciting, joyful and purposeful!

I help you make ​
'connected, grateful and ​deeply alive'
your default again.

Hi there, my name is David!

For a long time I struggled to bring the occasional experience of connection, purpose and clarity which I had at seminars, retreats or while traveling, into my daily life.
After several years of trial and error, I have found effective ways to do so.
Evolving Men is a place that helps you ​get there too.
Your daily life doesn't have to be dull, disconnecting and draining!

​One thing I've found crucial on my journey was to find out why I am here.
My Purpose.

​These 5 questions ​have helped me get more clarity on what my purpose is.
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​​I am struck by the depth ​​David is living from. His genuine interest in how living and loving works, put simply, seems to stem from a well of shared wisdom​. I have a feeling David is up to something good, for us all.

​Buster Radvik

therapist & co-founder of Embodied Intimacy


​​This is the most honest and beautiful blog I have seen. What you describe is what I feel and see and hear within. It is so completely human and in that way humble how you put your experience out there.​

​Lie Hoogenberk
​coach & spiritual teacher