​What is unique about​​​​ Evolving Men

You come back home after an inspiring seminar, a retreat or ​from traveling, filled with enthusiasm, fresh insights and a totally different perspective..
​..but after a couple of days you're back to your "​default" mode and the experience fades more and more into a distant memory.

​It doesn't have to be that way!
Evolving Men helps people like you to make long-lasting changes in their lives, to make what you experienced in a special occasion your    "​default" mode.

I help you integrate deep self-connection, mindfulness and purpose into your daily life.​
We are here to lead extraordinary, fulfilling lives, so let's work together to make it come true!

​What others are saying..


​​​This is the most honest and beautiful blog I have seen. What you describe is what I feel and see and hear within. It is so completely human and in that way humble how you put your experience out there.​

​Lie Hoogenberk

​coach & spiritual teacher

​My Journey

Hi, my name is David.

​I am studying Psychology and don't feel very excited about it.
I struggle with exczema, digestive issues, being overwhelmed in big groups and feeling isolated and lonely.
I have this inner sense that life can be so much more than I am living right now, but I don't really have the courage to follow t​hrough..

Oh wait, that was me ​quite some time ago! 😀 

For the last six years, I've been exploring myself and how I want to live my life.
Since then I've been on an amazing journey of self-discovery, of finding ​like-minded people and lots of fulfilling, mind-blowing experiences.
I find the question​, "what does it mean to be a man?" very rich and love to keep ​asking myself.

​Most of my closest friends​ used to be female and my image of other men was very negative.
In the last two years though I learnt to have meaningful, deep connections with men too.
These friendships nourish me in a special way and so I decided I want to help other men too in rediscovering brotherhood.

I have found ways to deal with​ my inner challenges, quit my studies and started doing what I really enjoy doing:
​The page you are reading right now is part of it!

My life is not perfect, but I feel more alive, excited and fulfilled than ever before.
And​ there's no end to this process.

​I know my purpose. 

And you can too!
These 5 questions can help you find out more about your purpose: 

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