What is unique about Evolving Men

Evolving Men is a place for the sensitive. For the overwhelmed.
For the ones with a wild inner life, raging emotions and a deep aliveness.

For the ones longing to be intimate with life, to learn and explore, to grow and expand.
For the ones longing to rest in self-compassion, to be gentle with themselves and enjoy stillness.

It is a place for the men who wish to connect with other sensitive men, exploring how manhood and sensitivity can work together.

For ​men who dare to rekindle the spirit of brotherhood, supporting each other with compassion and clarity, holding space for each other and holding each other accountable.

For men who dare to look at their masculine and feminine sides, daring to be their fullest expression, beyond stereotypes.
 I welcome you, brave soul, come and join our community of explorers

​My Journey

Hi, my name is David.

​I am studying Psychology and don't feel very excited about it.
I struggle with exczema, digestive issues, being overwhelmed in big groups and feeling isolated and lonely.
I have this inner sense that life can be so much more than I am living right now, but I don't really have the courage to follow t​hrough..

Oh wait, that was me ​quite some time ago! 😀 

For the last six years, I've been exploring myself and how I want to live my life.
Since then I've been on an amazing journey of self-discovery, of finding ​like-minded people and lots of fulfilling, mind-blowing experiences.
I find the question​, "what does it mean to be a man?" very rich and love to keep ​asking myself.

​Most of my closest friends​ used to be female and my image of other men was very negative.
In the last two years though I learnt to have meaningful, deep connections with men too.
These friendships nourish me in a special way and so I decided I want to help other men too in rediscovering brotherhood.

I have found ways to deal with​ my inner challenges, quit my studies and started doing what I really enjoy doing:
​The page you are reading right now is part of it!

My life is not perfect, but I feel more alive, excited and fulfilled than ever before.
And​ there's no end to this process.

​One thing that has helped me immensely, was getting more grounded.

I've collected my favourite 5 practices to share them with you!

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