​About David

Founder of Evolving Men and the Evolving Men Summit, a project dedicated to inviting and sharing wholehearted and grounded masculinity.

David specializes in helping men lead extraordinary, impactful and meaningful lives from their hearts.

In his work he creates spaces in which people can turn challenges into opportunities for transformation.

His presence invites people
to let go of their stories & masks,
arrive in their bodies & the present moment
and relate more honestly to themselves and others.

​What others are saying about my work: 

"David's authenticity and undefended way of being makes me feel deep trust and connection.I see him inspire those in his sphere to trust and relax ever-more deeply into being, allowing genuine human connection to unfold."

Robert Gonzales - NVC-trainer, Founder of Living Compassion

"The trust and connection that was created between the men in this workshop was a very unique and powerful experience for me" Florian S.

„David’s curiosity uncovers deeper perspectives on being a man that are rarely spoken about. Evolving Men is a critical movement in the right direction for men.“ - Ruwan Meepagala (Mindfulness & sexuality teacher)