How to find the right pace for your growth

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Be petty!

How to be vulnerable without being needy

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River current

Current of life

When you don’t know,
know that you don’t know.
And remember, there is nothing wrong with not knowing.
Just keep on going.

Go with the confusion, the unease, the fear.
These states are only problems when you believe they are.
We’ve all been taught that they are, but now is a fresh moment to choose differently.

So, you are restless, ashamed, worried?
It takes courage to acknowledge these states.
Because we’ve learnt they are wrong, most of us ignore them until they cannot be ignored any longer.
I know it’s not easy at first.

But trust me, they lose their power over you if you fully invite these experiences in.
As much as it is counterintuitive, but you’re just making them more powerful by pushing them away.
Like all phenomena, they will pass.

You will still be there, after the depression, the sadness, the anger, the joy, the fear.
You always are.
Steady presence in the everchanging currents of life.
Rediscovering your true nature.

Surfing the waves. getting smashed by them, getting up again…
Learning, growing, hurting, mourning, celebrating…

The downside of hiding difficult emotions

There are a lot of internalized beliefs about why I shouldn’t be honest with emotions such as anger, frustration or disgust. And some of these reasons sound very plausible to my mind.

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Just say no, carved on a tree

Learn to say No effectively

Having learned how to say No in a connecting way has helped me immensely in my relationships, both to myself and others.
In this article I want to look at the challenges around these two letters and ways to communicate them effectively.

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