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We need to be each others reminders of that which our hearts know is possible Sometimes, we forget, we speak and act in ways we later regret When there is unseen pain, we try to make it go away, yet it only heals when we stay and see I know it’s hard That’s why we […]

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Wholeness in pain

In my pain, discomfort and despair, I am whole. Like any other sensation, they are just passing travelers, taking refuge in my body, wanting to be acknowledged. And deliver their message. Nothing more than that. No story necessary. And the resistance, too, wants to be seen. and deemed worthy, okay as it is. In the […]

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Growing up

I used to believe that growing up would mean becoming serious, stoic and working endlessly. But now I see that growing up is what again allows my inner child to be free no longer does it have to pretend to be an adult, wearing grown-up clothes, acting in some way to get what it needs […]

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River current

Current of life

When you don’t know, know that you don’t know. And remember, there is nothing wrong with not knowing. Just keep on going. Go with the confusion, the unease, the fear. These states are only problems when you believe they are. We’ve all been taught that they are, but now is a fresh moment to choose […]

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